Meet Poland’s food and drink buyers, face-to-face, in one location, when they are actively sourcing and purchasing products like

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Location: Warsaw, Poland
Frequency: Annual
Dates: 10 – 12 April 2018

„Polish spending on food and drink is set to rise – Food retail is already a $52 billion market in Poland. Now, spending on food is expected to hit $62 billion by 2020, thanks to rising income levels, diversifying tastes and rising import levels. Poland’s food imports total in the billions – Polish imports of food and drink products float between $20-24 billion annually. They are expected to exceed $25 billion by the end of 2017. Poles tastes go international – More of Poland’s population is travelling overseas than ever before – and returning with a taste for foreign cuisines. Innovation: a hot topic for Polish consumers – 32% of all new product launches happen in Poland. As more Poles head abroad, the nation’s population is keen to try new taste combinations, experimental flavors and products that offer something new. What’s interesting is that we were visited by people from all over the world – Sri Lanka, Greece, Cyprus, Turkey and even Australia and New Zealand. Thanks to such initiatives like the WorldFood Warsaw fair, we can learn about the diversity of many cuisines from the entire world and share it with others.”

Kevin Aiston
Celebrity Chef,
British Polish Chamber of Commerce


WFW 2018 Flyer